Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bridal Shower Invites

Never thought I would like doing this sort of thing. But for a best friend, I would do anything.
This was really easy to do. All I did was pick out scrap book paper (30 cents/sheet) and cut them 4x6 inches with a paper slicer at work. I found a stamp ($4), blue ink ($1), silver metallic ink ($6), and a few spools of clearance ribbon (25 cents each, I think I used 4 with left overs). I also used regular copy paper and a few index cards for the "gifts". It really didn't take too long to finish 60 invites , I couldn't say the exact amount of time because I am so easily distracted! I think they turned out great and are wayyy cheaper than getting them made. Be careful taking on this type of project if you don't have helpers, in my case 5th graders :)

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